Over 20 years specializing in cash flow solutions that meet your needs:

Accounts Receivable -we purchase your invoices as soon as they are earned. Instant cash to pay suppliers, employees and grow your business.

Inventory– leverage your existing and changing inventory to pay suppliers quickly and even out cash flow during your production cycle or seasonal peaks and valleys.

Equipment– your owned equipment has value. Leverage it to assist with cash flow to finance a new project or just to even out the usual business peaks and valleys.

Real Estate– you own it- leverage it on a short term basis. No long term mortgage commitments; just quick cash.

SR&ED and Other Tax Credits– we finance filed and accruing claims.

Whether you need a short term loan for 6 months or want to secure trusted financing for a year or two, TCE Capital can accommodate your needs.

Our only business is financing yours.

Why Choose TCE

Fast: Go or No Go decision within 48 hours of receiving a completed application. We know that the process of finding and working with an alternative lender can be daunting; we make it as efficient as possible; time is a valuable resource.

Flexible: When you deal with TCE Capital, you are always dealing with the decision makers. We use our own funds to finance your business. We are creative and engaged in the process to ensure we exceed your expectations and structure the right solution for you. We can finance up to 90% of asset values.

Friendly: We have the experience to work with you, your advisors and your bank to ensure the best solution for you and your business.

Focused: Financing your business is our only business.

Why We are Different

Non-Notification Factoring, unlike many Factoring companies, we finance your invoices without notifying your customers.

You choose to deal with TCE Capital and we appreciate your trust. We return that trust by making our relationship invisible to your customers.

It is your business. You have worked hard to grow it and we appreciate that passion. That is why we spend the time to ensure that we understand your business and what is important to you. This allows us to structure the right solution for you and your business- getting it right the 1st time.

Your success is our success. We expect that you will graduate from our services.  In fact, we want to help you do just that. We are here to help you through a transition, challenge or business pause.  We are proud to be your partner in success.

It is always bittersweet when our clients return to traditional banking, however they know they can always count on us. Repeat business is something we are very proud of.